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Norma Watkin

As I’m nearing the end of my services rendered with Mr. Brandlin, I feel I need to give him the highest kudos, thus far. He has, and goes above and beyond for his clients. He addresses all concerns, questions, and has a response time faster than a millennial’s text! He is currently helping me with what seems to be a case that keeps increasing in size. It’s complicated as there is a missing living trust which holds the deed to my mothers reverse mortgage. Long story short: a conservatorship for my mother for health care and financial decisions. He had a court date with the judge after putting a rush on it within 2 weeks which gave me temp conservatorship until the general hearing. Mr. Brandlin created my mother a new living trust, pour over will, and is expanding my conservatorship to include estate. Lots of paperwork but he guides you through it all, detail beyond detail! He works closely with a CAC that makes the flow even better. Final court date soon! I will update then!!