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In today’s age, disputes can frequently arise in the administration of a will, a living trust or a probate estate, primarily when there are substantial amounts of assets involved, or when a family conflict is obviously present (usually due to a history of “bad blood”). Most often, such disputes can arise between beneficiaries, between a trustee and beneficiaries, or even from third parties.

It is important to represent the client’s full interest in such disputes, whether they are the executor, trustee, or beneficiary, and it is in their best interest to resolve these types of  disputes with informal means such as mediation, which would save clients time and money. Moreover, it may also avoid undesirable litigation. However, when litigation is inevitable, Mr. Brandlin has experience with prosecuting and defending clients’ interests in these types of claims.

Nevertheless, trust and estate litigation requires a skilled and experienced attorney who can understand and appreciate complicated financial issues involved, and be able to recognize the emotional nature when it comes to any client. For these reasons, we encourage you to contact Mr. Brandlin to make sure you receive proper representation.

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